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Lan Ha Bay Cruises

Halong Bay Wonders - A simple way to soak up the entirety of the culture of Vietnam. Why limit yourself to seeing the usual tourist locations, when you could easily book a cruise or tour to a lesser known location on our website? This is our goal: to maintain a streamlined service to help you get the most out of your traveling experience.

For example, you could visit the Dark & Bright Cave. Begin traversing the limestone mountain, a naturally magnificent formation that leads to the jade-colored ocean. An enclosed lagoon surrounded by endless greenery welcomes you after a trek through a 100m long ocean cave; the only entrance to this area of the cave. The Dark Cave is pitch black, requiring a torch to be able to see the pathway. The Light Cave, on the other hand, is naturally lit, with daylight streaming through openings in the farthest end of the cave.

Another location service we offer is a trip to Three Tunnel Lake (Ho Ba Ham). Located on Dau Be Island, this beautiful meadow is only accessible through a small, winding access tunnel littered with stalactites and multi-colored rock formations. The destination, a huge and peaceful lake, is home to a multitude of plant life that blooms year-round, such as orchids, banyans, cycads, and benjamin figs.

Lan Ha Bay is a scenic location situated in the southern-most part of Ha long Bay. It spans an area of over 7,000 ha (about 70 sq. km.) and houses Cat Ba Island. In fact, 5,400 ha (about 54 sq. km.) of the Bay is overseen by the Cat Ba Island National Park. If you board an overnight Halong Bay cruise, you can visit the Bay yourself. For the more adventurous explorer, you can rent a boat from Cat Ba Island to explore the Bay independently. With either option, the boat ride from the Island to the Bay is only 30 minutes.

Lan Ha Bay is a relatively unknown destination. The Bay is untouched and relatively private, and offers amazing experiences such as diving trips, rock-climbing, and deep water soloing and snorkeling. You will be pleased to know that conditions for rock-climbing and water activities in both the Bay and Cat Ba Island are the best out of the three Bays in the Halong Bay area. If you are interested in a more immersive experience, Cat Ba Island offers overnight hotels, hostels, and bungalows, the Viet Hai Village and Monkey Island on Cat Dua Island offers overnight, and there are also many options to spend the night on a boat, where you will be surrounded by the natural beauty of Vietnam. The tinge of the salty air on your tongue, the gentle gusts of air against your face, and the alluring smells of the stone mount forest will embrace you all night long.